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Enjoy Going Yachting with the Professionals.We help people from all walks of life to enjoy Yachting and Boating both on and off the water.

Our on the Water Activities include:

Own boat tuition. Practical one on one on the water help for new or existing boat owners and crew.

Yacht Deliveries. Delivery of sailboats  powerboats and Catamarans throughout UK, Europe and the Canary Islands.

Corporate Sailing Events. Team-building day or weekend events which allow both experienced sailors and first timers to participate fully.

Our Online Activities


Our Products

  • Electronic Navigation Presentation.
  • Boat Handling System Video Presentation.
  • Safety Briefing Presentation.

Yachting Information

  • Start Yachting
  • Yachting Gear
  • What to Wear
  • Yacht Charter
  • Yachting Blog
  • Yachting News


  • Direct Email access
  • Personal Web Page.
  • Weather
  • Tides
  • Charts


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