Learn The Phonetic Alphabet


Our Phonetic Alphabet App is a Fun Pictorial way to become fluent in the use of the correct words for each letter of the alphabet.

Using The phonetic alphabet is often the only way to make a telephone or radio message clear especially if there is interference or background noise.

Many people struggle to think of a word to use when having to spell a word phonetically over the telephone or radio.

We use the NATO phonetic alphabet which is the most widely accepted International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet.

Our app also uses the flags of the International Code of Signals.

If the player taps on the flag that matches the letter in the title a point is scored. If they tap on the wrong flag a point is lost.

Anyone who can consistently score 50 points or more will have become fluent in the phonetic alphabet and will also have learnt the flags of the International Code of Signals.

So why not give it a try. Just Click Here or click on the Image to go to the App Store.

It is an easy and fun way to learn a new skill and sound very professional on the telephone or radio.


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