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 Introducing you to the Going Yachting Private Membership.

The place to find the information reminders and explanations needed to make a voyage safe and relaxing.

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Constantly updated information. World wide Global Marine charts for you to plan your Voyages

  • Go into the finest detail of harbours or marinas or look at the overall picture of your passages all from the comfort of your Home.
  • Take screenshots of the information you need on your boat or print those screenshots for use on board

The most useful Marine weather forecasts embedded for quick loading.

  •  Personalised weather forecasts set up for your area including wind strength and direction, waves, temperature, pressure and precipitation
  • Tidal information for anywhere in the world and not just for the next seven days.

Videos and checklists written or selected by a professional.

  • Video briefings that can be played on the boat if required.
  •  Checklists that ensure that nothing is forgotten.
  •  Safety briefings either written or in video format

Up-to-date marine and boating News.

  • Membership of our closed Facebook Group.

All for the very low introductory Price of $9.95 per month. There are many sites on the Internet which give information about yachting and boating. Some of them offer complete courses on how to become qualified. Others just give specific information about a particular topic. We are not in competition with these sites we are here to provide the essential resources for people who go boating to find what they need quickly and reliably. This will enable you to go out on the water knowing that you have the necessary knowledge and preparations and you have not wasted a lot of time finding out. It will also make you feel confident, relaxed and able to enjoy the pleasure of being on the water with your friends and family to the full.

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PS. The first comers Will be offered their own weather page set up for their local sailing Area.

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