Discover the Joy of Going Yachting

going Yachting and Boating

Discover the Joy of Going Yachting

Find the freedom of being on the water.going Yachting and Boating

Share the exhilaration and excitement with your family and friends.

Choose where and when you want to go without the restrictions of traffic jams and hold-ups.

You can enjoy all of this even if you have never been yachting or boating before.

My name is Edmund Broadbent and I have been involved in yachting and boating nearly all of my life

I started yacht racing in my teens have owned many boats and now teach others the pleasures to be found on the water.

It is my pleasure to show you how are you can also partake in this wonderful pastime.

You don’t have to have any experience.

You don’t have to be rich.

You do need to love the open air.

You also need a sense of adventure and be willing to try something new.

They’re all many different ways of going yachting depending on your interests.

You may be interested in going fishing on a power boat, sailing using the wind and elements to propel you on a sailboat or cruising on a luxury Power boat.

You can try yacht racing, Long distance cruising, day sails. There are endless possibilities.

We are here at going to guide you in such a way that you gain the maximum pleasure from a new occupation and avoid the pitfalls.

So start now by clicking on the link below and download our free product which gives you Five different ways to Start Yachting and Boating.

Click Here for Your Free Intro to Yachting and Boating

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