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Struggling to Use Your Boat?

Discover How To Handle your Boat with Ease and Confidence AND Look good to your Friends and Family.

From the Desk of Edmund Broadbent

Get Rid Of Boat Handling Worries For Good

Is your boat standing idle because you don’t know how to handle it?

Do you avoid taking friends and family because you might make fool of yourself?

Do you spoil your boating experience because you worry about to getting back into your marina berth?


Are You avoiding going on a Charter Holiday because of Boat Handling fears?

If so, then I know exactly how you feel.

My Name is Edmund Broadbent and over the last 12 years I’ve personally trained several hundred people one-on-one or jointly to enjoy handling their boats with confidence.

In the boat handling  system you will discover the factors and techniques I’ve personally used to train many new boat owners.

Without exception the main fear of new boat users is handling their boat in a confined space in front of others. This essentially prevents them from being able to use their boats without help.

There’s nothing more frustrating than saying no to a boating outing or holiday because they are frightened of making a mess of manoeuvring their boat in a marina or slip.

They feel inadequate especially when they see others handling their boats with ease.

Until now the only way to enjoy their boat was to take an experienced skipper with them or go on a training course.

The problem with these solutions is it they are time-consuming or they do not learn to handle their boat themselves.

That’s why today, I’m delighted to Introduce You to my Boat Handling  System Video  Presentation


It will show you

How to:

  • Ge Rid of You Boat Handling Worries for Good and learn to enjoy manoeuvring your boat

  • Leave and return to your slip or dock with safety and confidence

  • Impress others with your boat handling ability and become an example to them

  • Make your crew and passengers feel at ease so that they want to sail with you more.

  • Gain the respect of other users and learn what it feels like to be admired

  • Go to any new marina for the first time confident you can carry out the docking manoeuvres successfully.

  • Delight your friends family or colleagues with your skill and calm.

This is just a taste of what people are already saying about The Boat Handling  System

I bought a Contessa 26 sailing boat as a retirement project in November 2013 and employed Mr Ed Broadbent to teach me to sail, I had no previous experience and it was the best decision I could have made. After 5days of tuition I was able to sail properly and berth with confidence navigate well and enjoy my boat fully and I am now sailing single handed without problems, I have no hesitation to recommend him as your tutor. John McGarry.

Unlike many training programs and publications the boat handling  system concentrates solely on the aspect of boating that concerns new owners the most namely handling in a confined space.

Here’s just a small sample of what’s covered in the System:

  • Information that must be found before you start made
  • Assessment of the effect of wind, tide and other factors that affect your vessel
  • Planning and Preparation of the boat in advance
  • Practice and getting to know the boat.
  • Use of the controls succh as Throttles ,Gears, Wheels and Rudders
  • Some Examples of Different Situations that may be encountered.

This System is not a substitute for on the water learning and practice but it will put you in the right mindset to consider all the factors affecting the boat and considerably reduce the time and cost of learning.

By now you’re probably wondering how much The Boat Handling  System is going to be.

However, the reason I created the online version of The Boat Handling  System is to make this information available to everyone who wants to understand the factors to take into account and thus reduce the cost of on the water one on one tuition.

And if you act now by clicking the order now button, you can have your own Boat Handling System, for just $9.95


So if you want to Handle your Boat with confidence, just click the “Add To Cart” button below.

But wait there is more!!

Bonus – Using Bow Thrusters The Right Way

if you invest in the boat handling  system today as a bonus I will give you free my video on the use of bow thrusters

And of course, when you purchase your copy of The Boat Handling  System you won’t risk a cent. The Boat Handling  System comes with my unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

If you find that The Boat Handling  System doesn’t meet your needs, there is a 30 day money back Guarantee

Remember you could be on the way to enjoying boat handling with confidence so take action now.

Picture in your mind how proud you’ll feel when you can show others your skill at your Boat Handling

Be the Envy of Most Other Boat Users and their Crew.

Click the Buy Now button below right now and get started

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