Going Yachting the Right Way

5 Actions to Take Before Going Yachting

Find Weather forecasts, Use Tidal information, Carry Out Passage Planning, Check the Boat and Brief the Crew.

Any responsible person considering going  sailing will recognise the importance of planning  ahead and taking into account the factors that will affect them.

These include the elements, wind, tide sea state and currents, the type of sailing, the boat and its equipment and the experience of the skipper and crew. 

Going Yachting is compiled and edited by an experienced yacht owner and instructor who specialises in Yacht Deliveries and helping new or existing yacht owners become competent, safe and confident on their own yachts both on and off the water.

He loves being on the water believes that anyone ,from whatever walk of life, can enjoy the Pleasure, Freedom, Fulfillment and Camaraderie of Going Yachting and Boating.

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