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Bermuda, known officially as the Bermuda Islands or Sommers Islands is a British Territory located approximately 65miles off the coast of the United States.

Being settled in 1612 , it’s capital , Hamilton, is  most populous and oldest continuously inhabited English town in the Americas  Although usually referred to in the singular, the territory consists of approximately 138 islands, with a total area of 20.6 sq mi. The largest island, Main Island, is sometimes itself called Bermuda. Compiling a list of the islands is often complicated, as many have more than one name.

With finance being it’s largest sector, Bermuda has a very affluent economy, tourism is the second largest industry on the islands..

Discovered in 1503 by Juan de Bermudez, it became a stopping off place to replenish ships with water and meat. Because of legends concerning spirits and demons, it soon gained the name “Isle of Devils” The many stories of ships and airplanes disappearing in confines of the Bermuda Triangle soon fed more fuel to the fire. To this day a certain mystic surrounds the whole area of Bermuda as well as many miles to the south.

Judging from first hand exerience, the seas can be treacherous. While on a 7 day cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Bermuda and Nassau, we experienced 20 foot seas for 30 hours,all while the weather was perfectly sunny and beautiful. I can appreciate how ships from an earlier era would not survive.

Surviving the high seas, landfall was made at the Royal Navy Pier around 4 pm on Sunday. Upon walking ashore, it was soon discovered that despite that fact a large cruise ship had just docked, all the stores were closed and wouldn’t open until the following morning. It was nice to see there is still somewhere on this planet where the observance of Sunday and traditional values out weight the power of the almighty dollar.

Spending an enjoyable evening rambling around the Royal Navy Pier and discovering the many unique features thereof, it was time to retire and await the next day’s adventures.

One of the nice things about Bermuda is the inexpensive transportation, a full day’s fare on all the available forms of transportation, everything from water taxis to buses can be had for a paltry $6.

Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda is a modern, clean upbeat city, with all the amenities and shopping found in any American city, combine this with the British formality and one has a recipe for an enjoyable experience.

Our excursion to St. George’s was delightful with the driver filling us in on all the history and unique features of the island.

Following a sea side lunch and a walking tour of the town of St. Georges, it was back on the bus for the returning ride to our floating hotel.

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If you want a more intimate cruise where your stops are not rushed, you might want a Caribbean charter that is not crowed or overflowing with people everywhere. The charter yacht cruises are for one to ten people depending on what type of cruise yacht you book. You can take you time to enjoy each stop along the way. You will have the luxury of a cruise, without the rush at every stop you make. If you want an intimate cruise, you want a charter yacht.

Scheduled Stops

When you use a Caribbean charter, you still have scheduled stops where you can get off the yacht and browse around. You can take your time and know that the yacht is not going to leave without you. You can take you time to dock and try some of the cuisine from the places you stop. You are not rushed to get off or get back on the yacht. You can take your time and see the sights without being rushed. You can always relax when your day is over when you set sail again on the open waters.

Private Cruises with the Family

If you want to enjoy a cruise with your family, but you just do not want to share any of your trip with other people, you may enjoy a private Caribbean charter. You will have the time to spend with the family and no one else will be around, but you are still going to enjoy the benefits of a cruise. You can spend the day seeing the sights or relaxing in the sun. You can talk and have fun without anyone but the crew around.

Honeymoon Cruises

Sometimes when you take your honeymoon, you would love to take a cruise, but you do not want to be around all those people. You want something more private. The Caribbean charter is as private as you can get and still enjoy a cruise around the Caribbean. You will have the yacht all to yourselves and the crew can help you with meals or maybe even a bottle of champagne on the deck as you laze around in the warm sun.

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The town of Welwyn Garden City – Hertfordshire is located Hertfordshire in England. The town was established in 1920 as one of the garden cities in the country. Welwyn was granted town status in 1948.

Tourists will be particularly interested in this town. What makes the town different from other towns is its double status as a town and garden city. Visitors to the town will be fascinated by its history and layout. The town plan shows an attempt at integrating the natural, cultural and social elements of the place.

The town was the idea of Sir Ebenezer Howard. Sir Ebenezer Howard had previously worked on the Letchworth Garden City. His idea was a success and he decided to take it elsewhere. Howard was an advocate of town planning that combines the elements of rural areas and urban areas. He believed that there were benefits to be obtained from this type of town planning. The definition of a garden city is found in the records of the Garden Cities & Town Planning Association.

The design of the city began in 1919. In order to create a garden city, land was needed. The ideal location for the city was in Hertfordshire. Sir Howard bought a tract of land in Hertfordshire. The following year, preparations for building the garden began. A team of professionals was assembled to design and construct the city. The team included an architect, a secretary and builders. The team was essentially company known as the Welwyn Garden City. Sir Theodore was appointed as the chairman of the company, while Louis De Soissons was the architect.

The layout of the town is clear. It consists of streets with trees along the sides and a city centre that resembles neo-Georgian architecture. Bodies for protection of environment areas and management of the town were established. Roads leading in and out of town are lined with grass kerbs.

Along the main road, visitors can see malls and parkways. This area is known as Parkway. The view from the southern side of Parkway is beautiful. The urban areas are divided into the east side and west side.The western side has new developments while the eastern side has old buildings.

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